Dr. Olabisi Ajakaiye


Dr. Olabisi AJAKAIYE obtained his first, second and third degree in Urban and Reginal Planning. He is passionate about writing and exploring. As a registered town planner, he practices as a consultant and researcher.

Also, he lectures Urban & regional planning in a tertiary institution and his areas of research expertise include transportation, housing and Tourism. He works and lives with his family in Lagos, Nigeria.

"If My Country Had a Jury"

A Futuristic Legal Thriller

Welcome to the riveting world of “If My Country Had a Jury,” a groundbreaking novel that catapults you into Nigeria’s not-so-distant future, the year 2050. This enthralling legal thriller offers a glimpse into a future where justice teeters on the brink of societal and personal dilemmas.

About the book

In a society where the scales of justice are uneven, “If My Country Had a Jury” introduces us to Alade, a young, ambitious lawyer who finds himself at the heart of a legal storm. Freshly employed in the Office of the Public Defender, Alade is thrust into the limelight under the most challenging circumstances – prosecuting a high-profile case against an affluent figure accused of rape, armed with little more than his wits and scant evidence.

A Mirror to Society

Prepare to be immersed in a story of tension, intrigue, and the relentless pursuit of justice. “If My Country Had a Jury” is a tale of resilience, the power of the human spirit, and the unyielding quest for what is right. Join Alade as he navigates the treacherous currents of the legal profession, where every decision could either anchor him to safety or drag him into the abyss.

Dive into the Future of Justice

“If My Country Had a Jury” promises to keep you on the edge of your seat, offering a unique blend of suspense, legal intricacies, and the timeless battle between right and wrong.

Whether you’re a fan of legal dramas, intrigued by futuristic narratives, or simply in search of a compelling read that provokes thought and emotion, this book is for you.

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